Korrika Lab

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New Korrika Lab saddle.
A thoroughly enduring experience.

The new Korrika Lab is a very innovative endurance saddle which meets the specific needs of the discipline's riders and horses. A technical and sporting model designed for the freedom of movement of the horse while ensuring the comfort of the rider:

  • Its Dynamick® saddle tree with an anatomic seat cut in 2 parts facilitates the movement of the horse’s back for an experience which is more respectful of the horse and allows you to ride more actively.
  • Its GT OPTION 3D mesh padding ensures improved shock absorption and optimum distribution of pressure on the horse’s back, as well as being adjustable to all endurance horse morphologies.
  • Its minimalist and functional design offers greater freedom of movement and optimises the proximity with the horse by improving leg alignment, while weighing just 3.3kg.
  • Its Biothane® three-point girthing system ensures stability and better distribution of pressure while being resistant to humidity.


A combination of innovative qualities designed to meet the demanding challenges of endurance.

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Gold, silver, blue and black swarovski personalisations available on this model.
Vegetable tanning Vegetable tanning
D3D technology D3D Technology
Made in France Made in France
Tailor made Tailor made

Leather requires regular, appropriate care to avoid premature wear-and-tear and preserve its full aesthetic appeal. Here are the right things to do to ensure your leather is maintained correctly.

The first steps for your saddle

  • Your saddle has already been oiled in our workshops, an essential first step to protect the leather.
  • Before the first use, we advise you to apply Belharra Balm generously using the sheepskin glove to thoroughly nourish the leather.
  • Always allow your saddle to rest, ideally for 12 hours, after applying the balm.
  • The first 6 months are critical for the life of your new saddle: make sure you apply the balm regularly for the first few weeks.
The first steps for your saddle

The first steps for your accessories

  • Your accessories have not been oiled in our workshops and will take on a darker shade after the first application of balm.
  • Before the first use, apply Belharra Balm or oil evenly.
  • Apply the balm again, if necessary, to obtain the suppleness required.
  • Try your accessories on your horse before oiling them or applying the balm. Accessories which have been oiled or have had balm applied may not be exchanged or returned.
The first steps for your accessories

For colour harmony

To ensure resilience and maximum comfort, we use different types of leather in the manufacture of our products. However, different leathers do not always respond to oils the same way, and this may affect your item’s final colour.

Our saddlemakers therefore have chosen a lighter colour for the softer leather, so that the colours match even after oiling.

For colour harmony

Daily care

Cleaning the leather

After each use, clean the leather with Devoucoux Belharra soap and the sheepskin glove or a damp sponge to remove impurities. Never apply soap directly to the leather.

Nourishing the leather

Massage Belharra Balm into the leather with a sheepskin glove or a dry cloth once or twice a month to nourish it.

Daily care

Good practices

  • Never apply balm to wet leather or leather which has traces of oil on it. Let it dry in the open air, in a well ventilated, warm room away from direct heat.
  • Jodhpurs with “leather” seats, zips (jackets, mini-chaps, boots), rubber reins and pairs of chaps and mini-chaps made of split leather can seriously damage your saddle due to their very abrasive materials.
  • Always apply balm to clean, dry leather to avoid embedding dirt into the leather.
Good practices

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